Argumentative Essay

Argumentative Essay Examples for All Academic Levels

A good argumentative essay has a defined thesis statement. It includes supporting evidence from trustworthy sources. See examples for introduction and conclusion.

Introduction and Argumentative Essay Examples for High School

Argumentative essays convince the readers to agree with the writer’s opinion about the subject. Authors incorporate concrete proofs to support their arguments. Some good argumentative essay examples topics suitable for high-school are:

Online reading is better than book reading.
Women empowerment is the solution of many social issues.
Treadmill workout is better than outdoor running.

What Steps Go into the Making of an Argumentative Essay?

It takes a planned process to write it. First, an outline is made. The steps involved are as follows:

Writing thesis statement for introduction.
Developing topic sentences from it.
Noting two to three points of evidence and examples for each topic sentence.
Thesis rephrasing for conclusion.
Development of outline into a full essay.

How to Write an Argumentative Essay Introduction

Introduction provides context for the argument. It traces the present argument back to its historical origin or universal facts. Two argumentative essay introduction examples are as follows.

Scientific research has historically attracted heated debate and extreme controversy. This can partly be attributed to their massive influence on the society, and their interference with the matters of social, religious, and political significance. Among the most controversial of the latest technologies is Genetically Modified Food.

The toughest decisions turn out the smartest as well. Even though many leaders know the importance of decision making, they find it challenging because it can come at a compromise on the satisfaction of their followers. On one hand, leaders have to address the sociopolitical issues, and on the other, they want to keep the followers contented. This paper elaborates some of the toughest decisions made by the US President Barack Obama and how they were understood and received.

The above are both suitable argumentative essay examples middle school.

The Right Way to Write Conclusion for an Argumentative Essay

Conclusions are no less significant than the introductions. They are the portions containing information that readers are most likely to remember, since they come in the end. The purpose of a conclusion is to have the reader convinced that the essay touches upon all points of criticism in addition to providing the supporting details for the thesis.

It’s important to base the conclusion on the content argued about in the body of essay – no new argument should be made. Two argumentative essay conclusion examples are shown below.

Significance of each factor responsible for causing the American Civil War discussed in this paper may be debatable, but it is an established fact that the South was seceded because of not one, but several factors. Especially, rights of states, Abraham Lincoln’s election to presidency, and slavery were the main causal factors of the war. Even though much time has passed ever since the end of the Civil War, some rift can still be noted between the North and South even today.

The myriad of political tensions among the major world powers makes it impossible to achieve a global ban on the use of nuclear weapons. Nevertheless, all countries need protection from them with weapons of equal strength. Regardless of the difficulties in the implementation a complete ban on their use, measures should be taken to limit the launch authorization and testing of nuclear weapons globally.

They are suitable argumentative essay examples college.