Personal Essay

Best Personal Essay Examples and Characteristic Features

Personal essays are pieces of reflective writing. They are written in easy language and involve the use of first person language throughout. Read personal narrative essay examples.

Personal Essay About Yourself Examples – Build Your Concept

A personal essay can be a narrative or reflective essay. Since it’s about you, you’ll write it in first person. Statements like ‘I’ve always been fond of sipping tea under a shade on a rainy day’ are typically found in it. These essays require you to tell the readers about events in your life, your interests and hobbies, and experiences in general. Some example topics are:

What I value in friends.
My first picnic experience.
How I decided my major in college.

A Structured Approach to Writing a Personal Essay

All good personal statement essay examples are preceded with the creation of an outline. That’s the first step and is also essential because it helps you streamline your thoughts. Once you are clear on the structure of your essay, introducing details in the relevant places gets easy. So to write a personal essay, you have to go through the following steps:

Carefully read the prompt to find out what information is required from you.
Start with preparing rough notes. Think about the topic and write down everything that comes to your mind.
Then organize them according to the outline’s structure. Important elements are a starting hook statement, thesis with which the introduction completes, topic sentences as the beginning lines of the body paragraphs, and a rephrased version of thesis to serve as the first statement of the conclusion paragraph.
Next, you start developing the points of outline so it becomes a complete essay.
Add flow to your ideas with the use of connecting short phrases e.g. ‘like I said’, ‘however’, ‘so’, and ‘whereas’ etc.
Of course, the final step is of proofreading to eradicate all errors.

Pieces of Personal Essays – Few Best Examples

If you’re not sure how to write them, you can find many college personal essay examples online. There are plentiful essays available for free reading on the Internet. You can access some examples of personal essay on the following link:

Essential Features of a Personal Essay

When you read them, you’ll find that all personal essay examples for college share the common element of story-telling. While the essay can be written in a plain way, adding dramatic details to it makes the narration interesting and gets the readers fully engaged in the work. Also, you’ll not see very complicated words used in them. Since they are reflective accounts, they incorporate the language we use in our day-to-day conversation with everybody.

In addition to that, personal reflection essay examples are characterized by sensory information. You describe scenes, your feelings, and thoughts. The better you express the content, the more the reader can relate to your experiences. Few starting sections of personal essay for college examples are as follows:

I am deemed quite social by most people. But it wasn’t always like that. There was a time when I used to live in a shell. Even in a gathering, I would…

I’ve seen many cartoons as a child, but I don’t remember having understood the storylines well back then. Even though I’m now in my 20’s, I started watching a cartoon series a month ago. I couldn’t believe…