College Essay Examples – 5 Types with Details and Topic Examples

5 good college essay types include persuasive, descriptive, analytical, admission, and narrative essays. They vary based on purpose and content. See topic examples for ideas.

5 Different Types of College Application Essay Examples

Students’ ability to craft essays of different kinds is fundamental to their success in academia. Most teachers require them to write essays to test the skills of determining the right kind of essay in response to the prompt and of course, writing it as well. College essays can be classified into 5 types as follows:

Persuasive essays.
Descriptive essays.
Analytical essays.
Admission essays.
Narrative essays.

Characteristics of College Essay Types and Model Topics

Each type of college essay is identified by it’s traits. They are all distinct from each other because of differences in the writer’s approach and purpose of writing. Fundamental characteristics of each type are presented with good college essay examples below. The reason why this college essay examples matter is that you get a good idea of the points as well as their purpose from them.

H3: Persuasive Essays Are Directed at Convincing the Readers
These essays include facts with evidence to get the readers to agree with the writer’s stance on an issue, pretty much the same as an argumentative essay. They are characterized by logic and sound reasoning. Some college entrance essay examples of topics for them are:

Why online education is better than campus education.
Why we need to recycle things.
Gender equality is the means of progress of a nation.

H3: Descriptive Essays Elaborate the Subject in Detail
These essays give a detailed account of the subject. Mostly, they are about objects e.g. a house, a movie, and a festival. They are like paintings, except that they use words with sensory details rather than colors to show the scene. Descriptive essay examples for college include:

Best gift you’ve ever had.
Your first day at school.
Describe a music concert you lately attended.

H3: Analytical Essays Draw Conclusions from Analysis of Facts
They incorporate details from a range of sources for analyzing multiple stances. The analysis is conducted from a factual standpoint rather than an opinionated one. The writer’s focus is on selecting the right methodology for analysis, comparison, and drawing conclusions. The best college essay examples for analytical projects include:

Reasons why gender roles are changing.
The effect of single parenting on child psychology.
Differences in the body language of men and women.

H3: Admission Essays Require Students to Show Their Eligibility
Colleges demand admission essays from students to evaluate their suitability for the programs. Students get a prompt in response to which they have to write. Admission essays are personal accounts of students. Some college admission essay examples of prompts include:

Learning from difficulties.
Your idea of personal growth.
How you solve a problem.

H3: Narrative Essays Reflect the Writer’s Ability to Tell a Story
It’s basically about sharing a story. It involves reflection and expressive writing skills. Essays include sensory details. Few college personal essay examples related to narrative writing include:

How I developed group skills.
An encounter with a bully.
My shopping experience at Dubai Global Village.