Descriptive Essay

Descriptive Essay Examples and Essential Features

A descriptive essay provides in-depth account of the subject, infusing all sorts of details. Think about the topic using the lens of senses. Read descriptive narrative essay examples.

Introduction and Descriptive Essay Examples College

As it can be guessed from it’s name, this essay describes the subject. It can be an experience, a thing, a feeling or anything. These essays elaborate the features of the subjects.

For example, if you were asked to write a descriptive essay on your first day at college. You’d tell when you got up, whether you wore a uniform or any dress of your choice, what time you arrived at the campus, what was the class schedule, how many students were there, and such other details. You’ll infuse sensory information while telling everything so a whole day is painted in front of the reader with all the relevant features.

How to Come Up with a Descriptive Essay

There’s a lot you need to think about when planning to write a descriptive essay. The process can be summed up into three broad steps. They include:


In the first step, you have to determine the subject that needs to be described. Think about the reason you are writing the essay. Also, identify specific traits that you’ll particularly place emphasis on.

In the second step, you have to determine all senses including sight, taste, smell, texture, and sound of the subject so that it can be described in the best way. The more details you collect, the better you are able to elaborate them. The purpose of writing is to give the readers a vivid understanding of the subject.

In the third step, you read the essay you’ve written to ensure that it carries sufficient details to lend complete impression to the readers. Check for any minor details that you might have missed out. Finally, review the essay for logical flow, and also so you can eliminate mistakes of spellings and grammar.

Best Examples of Descriptive Essay Excerpts

If it’s your first time writing it and you don’t know how to, get an idea by reading online samples. The Internet offers you some excellent examples to read for free. Some descriptive writing essay examples can be found at the following link:

Common Elements Across All Descriptive Essays

Description is the characteristic feature of these essays. Whatever descriptive essay writing examples for college students you read, it will be evident to you that their writers go into depth explaining how things looked, felt, and/or sounded. For example, descriptive essay writing examples of attending a festival will contain a description of the venue where the show was arranged. Plus, you’ll read how the writer found the music and sound quality from where he/she was seated in the audience.

Good descriptive essay introduction examples contain thesis statements. Some descriptive essay thesis statement examples are as follows:

Attending a music concert is much more entertaining than listening music at home.
Animals can tell how you feel about them from the way you deal with them.
My 16th birthday was the best because I had all my friends at one beautifully decorated place.