Narrative Essay

Narrative Essay Examples for All Academic Levels

A good narrative essay is expressive and entertaining along with being informative. Prepare the plot before starting to write. A hook statement, climax, and resolution is a must.

Personal Narrative Essay Examples You Can Build Your Concept From

Narrative essays are first-hand accounts of the writers. Essays for high-school are the same as those for college, except the topics can be more advanced and the content is expected to be more infused with sensory details in the latter than the former. Inside the realm of narrative essays, there are literacy essays. They are about a writer’s experience with or views on dimensions of literacy i.e. writing, reading, and speaking. Some literacy narrative essay examples are:

My experience of learning a second language.
My first essay writing experience.
How I shifted from paper books to online reading.

What Is a Narrative Essay – A Brief Introduction

A narrative essay is a reflective account of one’s experience. Written in first-person form i.e. ‘I’, it essentially shares the details of a story based on events the writer has experienced. More about it can be understood from the topics on personal narrative essay examples for college as given below:

What led me to choose this program.
How I lost my dearest friend.
How I realized to do my bit to conserve energy.

A Step-By-Step Guide for Narrative Essay Writing

In order to produce good narrative essay examples, you have to follow a process. It involves careful planning to do it right. The steps are:

Development of a preliminary plot. Take rough notes.
Connecting them in a logical way so it becomes an outline.
Introducing a hook in the start, a climax in the middle, and a resolution near the end.
Hints on what the readers can take away from the story in the last.
Developing outline using sensory details including elements of expression.
Proofreading to eliminate errors of spellings, grammar, and other linguistic mistakes.

Sample Excerpts for a Narrative Essay

The following sections are excerpts of narrative essays. You can better understand what this kind of essays entail by reading sample portions. So narrative essay examples high school are as follows:

It was my first day at high school. I was a little nervous, and a bit sad to have changed my old school. There were no friends in the class. I looked around, and right next to me was sitting Martha, a pretty little girl with bright pink cheeks.

It was the first family vacation we were going to. Clueless on the weather of the destination, I couldn’t decide which clothes to pack. My mum was out there yelling at me for not having my bag packed the night before.

Likewise, some personal narrative essay examples for colleges are given below:

It was the most important decision of my life – what program to choose. Knowing me in person, my father suggested that I did a major in social psychology. But my mum always saw an artist in me.

Getting myself enrolled in the program of my choice was a very tough journey. There were lots of obstacles – lack of sufficient funds, my job, and family commitments. I was torn between doing work to collect money and completing the paperwork for the school application.